From the Editor of Pathways

As we are on the path of making conscious choices for our families' well-being, we come across extensive information and suggestions. With such a huge increase in information available to us as parents, we are confronted with concerns for authenticity. Pathways to Family Wellness magazine offers us an opportunity to access articles and resources that embrace and connect a philosophy supportive for conscious choice.

Pathways is more than a magazine, it is an experience. Reading Pathways expands our depth in choices and gives us the assurance and validation to stand stronger in our conscious parenting lifestyles. From articles that offer insight into knowledgeable pregnancy, intuitive birthing, gentle parenting, practical nutrition, to those which allow us to discern holistic care, delve into social and environmental issues and strengthen our rights for informed choice, Pathways offers the full spectrum for family and personal growth.

Our contributing authors range from parents, practitioners, educators who like you, have dedicated their lives to transforming how we nurture our children and heal our earth. We are a community serious about touching the future with our families today.

Pathways is a quarterly magazine published by ICPA, Inc a 501-c3 non-profit whose mission is fulfilled by family wellness research training and public education. Its thoughtful content is complimented by its beautiful graphics. There is minimal advertising to distract you from the depth of the information. We offer Pathways in both digital and print.

You are encouraged to find a supportive community through our Pathways Connect Gathering Groups. Here, you will experience inspiration and sustenance in a safe, respectful and compassionate place to unfold and embrace conscious choice-making and wellness issues. You can find your Gathering Group tribe here.

HPA practitioners are encouraged to sponsor these Gathering Groups in their communities and can find out how to here.

All HPA members receive a complimentary subscription to Pathways with their annual membership.

We invite you to read a complimentary, recent issue of Pathways here.

Join us on our Pathways to Family Wellness!


Many blessings to you and yours,

Jeanne Ohm, DC
Pathways Executive Editor

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