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Membership Benefits

Membership in the HPA will:

  • Increase your practice exposure
  • Place you on our active referral directory
  • Supply you with a complimentary subscription to Pathways to Family Wellness magazine
  • Keep you updated on pertinent holistic family information
  • Provide clinical support with colleagues
  • Offer collaboration with like-minded practitioners
  • Give you discounts on seminars

Membership Pricing

Licensed Professionals: $79 annually

Licensed Professional memberships are open to holistic providers with an active license as an M.D., D.O., N.D., L.Ac., D.C., N.P., R.N., O.B., Midwife, Psychologist, Nutritionist, or other health care license. Licensed professionals receive full membership benefits. The membership directory will clearly designate that you are a licensed professional. Please state your primary specialty. Additional website referral directory listings are $10 per listing.

Non-Licensed Professionals: $39 annually

Open to homeopaths, non-licensed nutritionists, herbalists, doulas, lactation consultants, non-licensed midwives, non-licensed massage therapists, and all other non-licensed professionals. Non-licensed professionals receive full membership benefits. Additional website referral directory listings are $10 per listing.

Student: $19 annually

Open to students, health care providers in training and during their first year of practice. Students receive all membership benefits except for practitioner directory listings.

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About Us

The Holistic Pediatric Alliance is a non-profit organization that unites many professions in the common goal of improving and transforming family health care. We integrate many innovative, supportive, healing philosophies into a coherent model for family wellness. Membership in the HPA is open to all health care providers with an interest in holistic family health from conception and throughout childhood.

Parents are seeking alternatives to conventional pediatrics and obstetrics. They want to find health professionals who respect and support the body's natural ability to heal and be well. They want sound advice in managing their children's health in a natural, safe and effective way. As a health professional, you have the opportunity to provide parents with this type of care to positively change the course of their families' well-being.

For our providers: We want to empower you to be a better, more effective, and more confident family health provider and make your services known to parents. We recognize the enormous and immediate need of holistic health professionals for high-quality information, support and training. There are no other associations that provide an integrated source for information and services on holistic approaches to family care. The HPA is creating community in the field of holistic family care; therefore we welcome practitioners who share the vitalistic model of care.

Why Become a Member

We provide an invaluable opportunity for all holistic acupuncturists, naturopaths, chiropractors, family practice MDs, DOs, pediatricians, counselors, birth providers, doulas, lactation consultants, massage therapists,etc.

Through our online membership directory, you will increase your exposure to the holistic minded families in your community.

Upon becoming a member, you will be profiled in our directory of professional members under your primary specialty (homeopathy, birth provider, naturopathy, etc). This high profile practitioner directory is widely searched and viewed by parents who are seeking health practitioners in their local area. In addition to the HPA parent website traffic, a collaboration with makes the HPA health professional directory accessible to over 170,000 unique visitors. This means more exposure and more new patients for your practice. We have search capabilities that makes it easy for parents to find you in their local area.

The HPA receives numerous phone calls and emails from parents who are urgently seeking holistic health care professionals for their children. Help them to find you by joining the HPA. Enhance and expand your practice and help us to transform family wellness by joining us today.

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