The mission of HPA is to unite parents and health professionals in the common goal of improving and transforming family health care into a safe, nurturing, holistic system. We encourage and empower parents to become informed on all health care choices relating to their families. We respect parent's ability to access and trust their intuitive wisdom in their choices. We offer education and support and an on-line network of practitioners who are supportive of the family wellness lifestyle.

The HPA offers a unique approach to health issues. Our practical approach to care focuses on the principles of the wellness lifestyle and the natural restoration of health. Our mission promotes an understanding of physical, chemical, environmental, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well-being as essential ingredients in wellness. This approach utilizes natural methods to promote healing, recover balance, and support the body's own innate potential for well-being.

We welcome all health care providers, health care providers-in-training, and students as supporting members. Our active directory provides the venue to meet and connect with supportive care providers.

The HPA fulfills its educational non-profit mission with Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. Pathways is published by the ICPA, Inc a 501-c3 organization committed to research, training and public education. We welcome parents and the public to visit the Pathways site and its archives of extensive resources under its Browse by Topic Tab. HPA practitioners receive a complimentary subscription to Pathways and are invited to participate in ICPA's free community outreach program: Pathways Connect.

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